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A Poem About Bessler

      Bessler's Wheel


      This Ancient Mystery, I have sought, for many years, to solve and thought
      The secret of the wheel's construction lay beyond mere skilled deduction.
      So I brought the world's attention to this greatest missed invention.
      Hoped some rare ability'd retrieve this fair facility.

      Yet scarcely had the thought occurred before I realised how absurd
      It was that I should have the notion I could solve Perpetual Motion!
      This Ancient Mystery's merely myth, credited by those whose kith
      And kin forgot what they had learned, that energy spent must first be earned.

      Despite this fact there was some doubt - did Bessler find a way about
      This obstacle to energy, and find a force that's pure and free?
      Long ago my doubts were dashed, for sudden inspiration flashed,
      The energy whose source I sought was all around - its cost was naught.
      And wherein lies this bold solution that will solve the world's pollution?

      The answer lies in Gravity, a source of energy that's free.
      Conservative - its attitude to work is that its magnitude
      Remains the same. It does not stop. It's constant and it makes things drop.
      Itís said that this is contrary to what we think is verity,
      Gravity cannot be used and those who think so are confused.

      It matters not who's right or wrong - the clues have been there all along.
      Bessler wrote in ciphers rare but paranoid, he did not dare
      Reveal a clue - changed his ambition - sought posthumous recognition.
      Hid in text, cryptic instruction, showing us complete construction.
      His secret solved will be the key to giving us free energy.

      If you believe this can't be true, suspend your judgement - see if you
      Can find a fault in what you read about the proof, with which I plead.
      My aim is clear, intent is strong, to show that Bessler has been wronged.

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      Copyright © 2011 John Collins.